Pricing policy

The consultations and assessments carried out in our centre meet the highest standards of our profession. They are carried out by highly qualified staff (physicians specialised in otoneurology with recognised experience and reputation, qualified audiologists), using the best equipment currently available, in an environment designed to offer all the comfort and attention necessary for quality care.


In order to guarantee optimal care for each patient, decision trees have been drawn up, in line with the recommendations of scientific societies, to offer each patient the hearing and balance tests best suited to their pathology.
Most of these tests are reimbursed by health insurance companies, but some of the more innovative ones are not yet.
For total transparency and in order to comply with the legal obligation to obtain the patient’s informed consent, you will receive clear information on the fees for the medical service offered when booking by telephone.

On the day of your appointment at Otoneuro Monaco, these fees will be set out in a consent form that you will be asked to sign.